Strategic Consultant

Dr. Alanoud Al-SharekhDr. Alanoud Al-Sharekh conducts research on regional sociopolitical, cultural and security issues, and has been Visiting Fellow conducting research on GCC demographics at the LMEI, SOAS, Senior Fellow at the International Institute of Strategic Studies, Senior Political Analyst at the Kuwait National Security Bureau and worked as a gender politics consultant for UNIFEM, Freedom House, and the UNDP on academic and social outreach projects in Kuwait and the GCC.

In addition to her teaching posts at Kuwait University, Gulf University of Science and Technology, and the Arab Open University, she was a visiting lecturer at Sweden’s Uppsala University, and a Fulbright Scholar on Women and Islam at Whittier College, USA.

She has published several books and articles on gender and kinship policies in the GCC, including: The Gulf Family; Popular and Political Cultures of the GCC; Challenging Limitations; the Changing Role of Women in the GCC; and Angry Words, Softly Spoken.

Her work won her the Arab Prize for best publication in a foreign journal for 2013-2014, and the Voices of Success Kuwait Award in 2012.

She holds a BA from King’s College, London and a Master’s and PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).